Book - Reflecting with Creation by Micheal Perrott

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'Reflecting with Creation' meditates on the richness of scripture alongside the Australian landscape.

The motivation in putting this work together was to share the joy I feel as I sit with the scripture and with Jesus as he opens that scripture for me and to honour the God of Creation.

Also I wanted to share with others the joy I feel as I walk or travel our vast country, whether it is our sandy beaches, verdant forests and rugged mountain ranges, open farm country, the red interior of parched deserts,  ramshackle homesteads, riverbanks and quiet fishing holes or just sitting at the base of a majestic waterfall.

In  ‘Reflecting with Creation’ I feel that I bring these two joys together by adding some of the reflections that have come from my passion and I hope to help others to that peaceful space as I share my own quiet reflections on God’s enriching words, both spoken and created.

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Publication: Reflecting with Creation by Micheal Perrott.
ISBN 978-0-646-91574-6 (paperback)
Pages: 60
Finish: Gloss
Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm
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